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What has changed in parenting in the social media era?

With the immense popularity and availability of the internet, it’s no surprise that it can have a big impact on our everyday lives. However, when someone mentions their effect on the family relations, we usually automatically think about how unsafe using social media is for kids. Somehow, the connection between parents and social media doesn’t seem so apparent to us. And yet, many people who used to spend a lot of their time on social media as adolescents are now young parents who still do just that.

Parenting on Facebook

Everyone using Facebook, has at least that one friend who constantly posts photos of their child, oftentimes several times a day. It seems like you can’t scroll through your feed without seeing posts from parents who just can’t stop bragging about their kids on social media. Every achievement has to be recorded and shared with the world. Ironically, this ability to connect with other people through the internet can have serious consequences for the relationship between parents and children. If people start focusing too much on taking those perfect pictures to prove their parenting skills on Facebook, instead of simply enjoying the time they have with their kids, sooner or later they’ll realise how much time they’ve lost.

Creating patterns

This is not to say that using social media is always going to ruin the relationship one has with their kids. It can be quite the opposite. But as with everything in life, moderation is the most important factor here. As we all know, children learn by observing the people around them, so a child seeing their parents and the way they use social media in their daily life, can help create healthy patterns. It can serve as a helpful tool in teaching young people the importance of privacy and proper communication skills. In the years to come, the internet will play an even bigger part in our lives, so trying to avoid it is not going to take anyone far. But parents who are willing to explore these new platforms, may be able to offer guidance and help make social media safer for their kids.

It may seem like parenting in the age of Facebook and Instagram is much tougher than before, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. Parents who choose to embrace social media as a way of interacting with their kids may find that it can actually improve their relationship and bring them much closer to one another.


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